The worlds of anime and video gaming frequently intersect, not just in style and storytelling, but also in the realm of in-game cosmetics. Many popular games have embraced the art of 'virtual cosplay' by introducing skins and cosmetics inspired by iconic anime characters. These additions offer players a chance to embody their favorite anime personas within the gaming universe. This article showcases some of the most popular anime-inspired skins and references found in contemporary video games.

Anime Inspirations in Mainstream Gaming

League of Legends - Star Guardian Skins

  • Anime Aesthetics: The Star Guardian skin line in 'League of Legends' draws clear inspiration from magical girl anime series like 'Sailor Moon'. With their elaborate costumes and celestial themes, these skins have become a fan favorite, blending the fantasy of anime with the competitive spirit of the game.

Fortnite - Naruto Collaboration

  • Direct Anime Reference: 'Fortnite' has embraced anime influences through its collaboration with 'Naruto', featuring skins of beloved characters like Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. This crossover has allowed fans to engage with the 'Naruto' universe in a fresh, interactive format.

Indie Games and Anime Cosmetics

Genshin Impact - Anime-Styled Characters

  • Inspired Designs: 'Genshin Impact', while not directly referencing specific anime characters, offers a roster of characters that are deeply inspired by anime aesthetics. The game's character designs, costumes, and abilities all showcase a strong anime influence, resonating with fans of both gaming and anime.

The Rise of Anime Skins in Mobile Gaming

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - Collaborations with Popular Anime

  • Anime Collaborations: Mobile games like 'Mobile Legends: Bang Bang' have introduced skins in collaboration with anime series, such as their 'Sword Art Online' themed skins. These collaborations bring a unique anime flavor to the mobile gaming experience.

The Impact of Anime Skins on Gaming Culture

The introduction of anime skins in video games has had a significant impact on gaming culture, allowing for a unique form of expression and fandom within the gaming community. These skins:

  • Enhance Player Experience: By adopting the appearance of their favorite anime characters, players can enjoy a more personalized and immersive gaming experience.
  • Bridge Two Worlds: Anime skins serve as a bridge between the gaming and anime communities, fostering a shared interest and creating new crossover fans.


The integration of anime-inspired skins and cosmetics in video games is a testament to the growing convergence of these two entertainment mediums. This 'virtual cosplay' enriches the gaming experience, allowing players to celebrate their favorite anime characters in a dynamic, interactive setting. As the popularity of these skins continues to rise, we can expect to see more creative and exciting collaborations between the worlds of anime and gaming.